LifeWay’s Digital Pass gives you access to view both Live and On Demand LifeWay events, movies, conferences and more! You can watch – on your computer, phones, tablets or mobile devices, AppleTV, Roku, Smart TV and many more devices – and participate in a digital event from anywhere in the world. And through our cloud DVR service, LifeWay’s events allow you to customize your event schedule to your own venue.

Digital Pass is available to individuals, small groups or to an auditorium filled with hundreds of people.

LifeWay’s Digital Pass is easy and affordable to facilitate. For events, we provide Leader Manuals for planning your event & personal technical support to assist you in the success of your event. We also provide free downloadable promotional materials for you to promote the event and make it your own!

Some Digital Events even allow you to have access to the live event content after the event is over – through an On Demand library for you to participate at a later date or review afterwards and share your insights with others. LifeWay’s Digital Pass makes it easier than ever!